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Influence of lateral mass efflux on free convection boundary layers in a saturated porous medium. Technical report No. 13

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa
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  • Engineering
  • Modeling
  • Convection
  • Hawaii
  • Modeling
  • Hydrothermal Circulation
  • Basaltic Systems


The effects of lateral mass efflux with prescribed temperature and velocity on vertical free convection boundary layers in a saturated porous medium at high Rayleigh numbers are studied analytically. Within the framework of boundary layer theory, similarity solutions are obtained for the special case where the prescribed temperature and velocity of the fluid vary as x/sup lambda/ and x/sup (lambda-1)/2/ respectively. The effects of mass efflux on surface heat transfer rate and boundary layer thickness are shown. Application to warm water discharge along a well or fissure to an aquifer of infinite extent is discussed.

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