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Disability Benefit Reform: Rationalisation or Subsidisation?



THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE COUNCIl,. 1987 - 1988 "I’OM;~S F. (~) COFAIGI{. I’rr~tFtent of Institute ’1). ]:. Nh’AI.I~ESI~. }].COMM., M.A., M.ECON.SC.. I’1-].1).. Cbatrmant!f the Council D..J BUCKLEY, Vice President and General Manager. Merck. Sharp and Dohme (Ireland) Ltd., Co Tippemrv I. CONNEI.LAN. B.E.. C ENG.. M.I.i’.I.. Dbecto~ General, Cbnfedemtion o[ hinh InduatEr ¯ S EAN C RaM l EN. B,A., Strma9’, Department of Finanre MICHAEl. P CUI)I)Y. M,AGR.SC.. PH.I).. Iqofes~m,Department ~t[ Etonomics, Univtvd(r College. Cahvar G. DEAN. M.D.. F.R.C.P. MARGARET DOWNF.S. R.COMM.. F.C.A.. CenJultant, C’oopei~ and Lrbrand MAURICE F, I)O’~’I.E, B.A., B I.., (hmerno~, Central Bank of Ireland P. ~,V F[.ANAGAN, SecretaEL Department of fDalth. NJ. GIBSON. B,SC,(ECON ). PHI),. I#o.l’iee-Chanrello., Unit, osio, of Uhwt, Coleraine PATRICK A, HAI.I,. B.E.. M.S.. I)IP.STA’I’., DirectoroJReJearch, Institute of Public .,Idministmtion. MICHAEL F, KEFC;AN. B.A, B.COMM., D.P.A., FA.P.M.. Sccrelarv. Depaament of Labour ’KIERAN A. KENNED’~’. M.ECON SC.. D.PHII,.. PH.I)., Diwcwr ~![ Institute T P I.INEIIAN. H.F... B.SC. Directm. Central A’tati*ttcl Office P. LYNCII. M.A., M.R.I.A. °EUGENE McCARTHY. M.SC,(ECON.). I) F.CON.SC., Director, b~derated Union of Empl~re,~. .IOHN .J. McKAY. B.S(~:.. D.P.A., B.COMM.. M.I~CON.SC.. Cble[ E~a’utive Office1, Ca. Cavan I’~cational l’2ducatien Committee ’D. N EVI N. General Secmar)’, ht]~h Co~¢~eaJ of Trade Unions. REV.J.R.M. NOLAN. M A . I).1).. ~.l.A.(Cantab.). Pmfe~ol. Department of Log& and Pzyehologr, Uniuersit), College, Dublin. JOYCE O’CONNOR. B.SOC.SC,. NI.SOC.SC.. I’I-I.D.. Direao~. Social Re, earth Centre. College of Ilumanitie4. National Inrtitute for II~qher Education. Lhnedek. F.IAURICE O’(’;RAI)Y. M.SC(MGNT). Direaor General. huh Managevnent Institute D.P. O’MAHONY. M,A , PH.D.. B.L. I#ojeJsot. Department r(E~onom,~. University (~)dl£~e. Cork S.S H EEH Y. B.AG R .SC.. P H. D.. Professor, Department of Applied Agricultur

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