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Multiple Mobile Promoter Regions for the Rare Carbapenem Resistance Gene of Bacteroides fragilis

American Society for Microbiology
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  • Genetics And Molecular Biology


Two novel insertion sequences (IS), IS1187 and IS1188, are described upstream from the carbapenem resistance gene cfiA in strains of Bacteroides fragilis. Mapping, with the RACE procedure, of transcription start sites of cfiA in these and two other previously reported IS showed that transcription of this rarely encountered gene is initiated close to a variety of B. fragilis consensus promoter sequences, as recently defined (D. P. Bayley, E. R. Rocha, and C. J. Smith, FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 193:149–154, 2000). In the cases of IS1186 and IS1188, these sequences overlap with putative Eς70 promoter sequences, while in IS942 and IS1187 such sequences can be observed either upstream or downstream of the B. fragilis promoters.

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