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The triangular maps with closed sets of periodic points

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
Publication Date
DOI: 10.1016/j.jmaa.2005.06.028
  • Triangular (Skew-Product) Maps
  • Minimal Sets
  • Regularly Recurrent Points
  • Ergodic Measures


Abstract In a recent paper we provided a characterization of triangular maps of the square, i.e., maps given by F ( x , y ) = ( f ( x ) , g x ( y ) ) , satisfying condition (P1) that any chain recurrent point is periodic. For continuous maps of the interval, there is a list of 18 other conditions equivalent to (P1), including (P2) that there is no infinite ω-limit set, (P3) that the set of periodic points is closed and (P4) that any regularly recurrent point is periodic, for instance. We provide an almost complete classification among these conditions for triangular maps, improve a result given by C. Arteaga [C. Arteaga, Smooth triangular maps of the square with closed set of periodic points, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 196 (1995) 987–997] and state an open problem concerning minimal sets of the triangular maps. The paper solves partially a problem formulated by A.N. Sharkovsky in the eighties. The mentioned open problem, the validity of (P4) ⇒ (P3), is related to the question whether some regularly recurrent point lies in the fibres over an f-minimal set possessing a regularly recurrent point. We answered this question in the positive for triangular maps with nondecreasing fiber maps. Consequently, the classification is completed for monotone triangular maps.

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