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Ošetřovatelská péče o pacienta po celkové anestezii

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  • Celková Anestezie
  • Komplikace Po Celkové Anestezii
  • Ošetřovatelská Diagnóza
  • Ošetřovatelská Péče
  • Pacient
  • Sestra
  • General Anaesthesia
  • Complications After The General Anaesthesia
  • Nursing Diagnosis
  • Nursing Care
  • Patient
  • Nurse
  • Medicine


The Bachelor Thesis provides a lot of information on the general anaesthesia, presents different aspects of the nursing care including the most frequent diagnoses, mentions the most common complications which patients after the general anaesthesia suffer from, and the extent of knowledge the nurses have on complications which occur during the recovery after the general anaesthesia. It is mainly the basic knowledge of nurses concerning the complications after GA which helps to make proper nursing diagnosis, set the aims and decide on interventions in the process of nursing care for the patient after GA. Results of the research work are useful for making the nursing care standard concerning the patient after GA. This standard can serve as a brief and well-arranged manual in the process of nursing and can provide the patient with comfort and security which are necessary aspects of the quality nursing care after the general anaesthesia.

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