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S&PP.b3 For peer review, each article is sent to three individu- als (researchers for research reviews, clinicians for clini- cal perspectives) with expertise or extensive experience in the paper’s subject area. Reviewers are blinded as to the authors’ names. Reviewers of research reviews are asked to focus on scientific interest and soundness, and reviewers of clinical perspectives are asked to affirm that the paper discusses highly significant concerns among practitioners and reflects high standards of practice and reasoning. We generally will follow our reviewers’ major- ity recommendation to publish or decline to publish a paper. However, we may choose to work with the author of a poorly reviewed paper if we find the topic especially attractive and believe the work can be brought up to qual- ity. We also may decline to publish a well-reviewed paper if the material falls outside NIDA’s mission: bringing sci- ence to bear on the understanding, prevention, and treat- ment of drug abuse and addiction. We hope you will join the conversation that is under way in the pages of Perspectives. Practitioners and researchers working together is the formula for success in the effort to overcome the problems of drug abuse and addiction. David Anderson Editor National Institute on Drug Abuse Join the Conversation Anew journal, especially one with a novel mission,needs to show readers what it is about right fromthe start. At Science & Practice Perspectives we tack- led this challenge in the customary way, by soliciting arti- cles. Relying on the advice of our distinguished Editorial Board, we identified subject areas where conversation between researchers and clinicians seems especially likely to promote rapid advances in the field. We recruited lead- ing experts to author articles on these topics, and asked them to address both the research implications and the practical applications. A sure sign that a fledgling journal has connected

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