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The economic development of TVEs in China since reform and open policy :a case study on Jiading city

서울대학교 대학원
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  • 鄕鎭企業
  • Tves
  • 농촌공업화
  • Rural Industrialization
  • 個人·私營企業
  • Individual Proprietorship
  • 社隊공업
  • Private Enterprises
  • 蘇南모델
  • Collective Enterprise
  • South-Suzhou Model
  • Economics


The town and village enterprises(TVEs) rose quickly in the 1980's last century, inspiring the great interest of the academic and practical sectors. But in the mid 1990's later, TVEs has gradually faded out of people's visual fieldwith the large-scale enterprise reform. As a kind of economic phenomenon, TVEs has almost withdrawn from history stage. This is just the suitable moment that we give asummary of its history position. Not noly such, but also has TVEs more important theory value. It grows up in the process of China;s marketization, so its occurrence and development has close contact with the transition of economic system. This article mainly studies the economic development process of TVEs in China, secondary the TVEs of Jiading City, a suburbs in Shanghai, which has obtained great acievements during the past 30 years. So through the case study on Jiading City, it contributes us to learn the typical model of TVEs in China. * Note: The text above is the abstract of the thesis. You can use the full-text by clicking the "Link" (URL) of item record and the viewer program will be installed automatically. In case of having problem with the viewer program installation, please download it manually using this url

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