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The Vertical Pump Organized by the Mesoscale Oceanic Eddies

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  • Mesoscale Oceanic Eddies
  • Submesoscale Dynamics
  • Vertical Pump


The purpose of this project is to study the dynamics of the upper oceanic layers (the first 1000m below the surface) and principally to get new insights on the effectiveness of the oceanic vertical pump at a basin scale through numerical experiments using ultra-high resolution. If the magnitude of this vertical pump when using such a resolution is much larger than anticipated, then the expected results should have an important impact on basin-scale SST and circulation through the vertical fluxes of heat and potential vorticity. Indeed preliminary studies already indicate the significant contribution of this eddy vertical pump to the modification of the surface layers heat content ([1], [2]). Thus the expected new results should be of importance for climate studies. Furthermore they should provide a clue for the missing physical mechanisms that should allow to close the phytoplankton balance in oceanic basins ([3], [4]).

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