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Letter from B. A. D. Stocker to Joshua Lederberg

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Department of Bacteriology, London School of Hygiene 8: TropWal RedicLne, Keppel Street, London, 27th May, 1953, Dear Josh, strains, Thanks for your letter of 30th April, also for a bunch of and for copy of stock list, Paper has now gone in, further amended as you will see from copy sent you by sea mail* As soon as I get comments from J.G.11, I will ask for estimate of cost of reprints and let you both know. I see I was wrong in thinking you did not specifically define transduction, I agree there should be a name for the general phenomenon but I think present draft leaves this open O.K. Dobzhansky's comment very bizarre, As to species I have with some hesitation over-ridden your objection to use of the term. J, Taylor consider-sage O.K., Reasons as follows (i) both Cowan and one of nomenclature* only; (ii) main reason is that the point is both current usage (here and I think in U.S. also) and current international agreement (last Int, Microbial. Gong,) are use of binomials and at least implied specific rank. The current arguement is not about what is the correct usa e, if as of now, but aa to what should be chosen as usage by next inte national agreement, I feel sure present wording is clear, which is the main consideration, and will. not, I think, annoy anyone, P I have nearly come round to your feeling that "gene" ' suggests a naive acceptance of unSt with pre-determined borders; I have worked in some 'genetic factors" which logically is no better perhaps but may as you say sound better. / - , As to prediction, ?Z?$Lagellar the predfction was not that characters would-be linked but that as several indenendgnt variables were to hand, there was probability that some of them might be linked, As to that I still think your origIna 2-step aromatic exacting mutant is better explained as result of additive (or mihlti- plicative) effect of two mutations of very closely linked loci both controlling one character,

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