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Speech given by the Spokesman of the Commission of the European Economic Community, Giorgio Smoquina, before the wives of participants in the Business International European Roundtable. Brussels, 13 Octobre 1960

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nJ -'+' ,r*o"* S P E E C , H given by the Spokesman of the .Conmission of the European ;loonomic Communityl Giorgio SMOQUINA before the wives of partioipants in the Businoss fnternational i i iu:ropean Round.tab1e, Brusso ls , 1J 0o tobro j96O flhis verbatlm text was transcribed. from tapo with tbe aid of tbo speakerrs notes. , l j \$1d ss$l collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box with E. f , ' .C. ie openod. I nal fseling - let mo put in this start what ono oould oall a Latin touch I i(truo or not, if wo aro morging so ma,ny riuropoan elemontsr nhy "5fu we for- "t'igot about lt ?) and allow me'i;o say s My charming lad.ies I on'boharf of the .,.,., commisslon of tbo sr-rropean Eoonomj.o communlty lt is for r" ,.oi ,only- a groat r '-,.,r. iprivi loge, but a partioularly agreablo task to wolcomo you in our hoa.dquar , , l and' to thank you oord'ially for the interest you show for the ruropean orrt"r-- - - ,.*i : ' - . jprise of whioh we aro one of tho artisans. ,,,,,,,.,,i, i ' i I , , ' . ; ' . ' . ' : I must also expross my particular gratitude to Businees Intornational ,*'" i i and, especialrv to Kathroen Eaynes for having suggested. not; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; - ; ; ; ; , ,1,1,; l l have this moeting but that tho spokesman of the commission "t orrrd. be "o*t t-- l"'lf 'guid'e in this oxcursion into the new r+orld of the i!,;uropoan connpnitxr -- . " "tli lol' can probably inourag'ine what kind of d.uties the cornmission puts ",, :.jLJthe shourd'srs of hor spokesman g to servs the journalists day ancl night (su- :, '1.' i '. re s many sossions of the commission, of ths counci l of l [ inistors, of tho . ] , , . , r i Assembry happonod' in theso f i rst threo yoars to last unt i l a"*) i to mest -, ' i i , , , , f l v is i tors o f a l l sor ts (po l i t ic ians, exper ts , t rac le un ion i " t " , t * " ; " " ; " ; ; ; ' ' . l f l stuclsnts, profossors, and so on and so forth); and to face al l k

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