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Enzyme Applications in Textile Preparatory Process: A Review

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  • Industrial Biotechnology
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Industrial use of biotechnology is bringing about new products and processes aimed at the use of renewable resources, as well as the application og green technologies with low energy consumption and environmentally healthy practices. Textile processing is a growing industry that traditionally has used a lot of water, energy and harsh chemicals. Due to the ever-growing costs for water and energy worldwide investigations are carriedout to substitute conventional chemical textile processes by environment-friendly andeconomically attractive bioprocesses using enzymes.This work represents a review of enzyme applications in textile preparatory processes. After hot bleaching enzymatically pre-treated cotton exhibits similar oreven better properties compared to conventionally desized, alkaline scoured andbleached cotton. The combined use of the enzymes allows to omit the alkaline scouringwithout a loss of quality in the finishing result. The described enzymatic procedure isaccompanied by a significant lower demand of energy, water, chemicals, time andtherefore costs. So it has advantages as well in terms of ecology as in economy.

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