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Letter from Ephraim Katchalski-Katzir to Joshua Lederberg

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  • Biology


REHOVOTH* ISRAEL tdR26 l 'PHONE~951721-7 October 23, 1962 Prof. J. Lederberg Stenford University of Medicine Department of Genetics 300 Pasteur Drive C8lifOlFTli8 U.S.A. Dear Prof. Lederberg, We are engaged at the moment in a study of tho intorc?nvoro%-n of seryl residues in proteins and peptides to dehydroalanylr .W%df& + In this connection we would like to have a culture of the specific serine requiring mutant E. coli K12 W-1977. If such 8 culture is available to you, I shall be most obliged if you will be so kind as to mail it to us at your convinience. Thanking you in advance,and with kind personal regards. Sincerely yours, Ephraim Katchalski

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