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Dynamics of Globalization: Conflict or Compromise On Today’s Democracies

Silk Road International Conference
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  • Political Science


Even though we attribute globalization at the times of beginning of humankind in this study as a way to solve the problems that modernity faces, globalization related to the modern period. It has two fundamental reasons. The first reason is the ego-centered rational-individualistic and social opinion that appeared during the modernity period which was the result of reforms and revolutions of the time. These interpretations caused the differences of societies. The second reason tied to this is that democratic system which has been attempted to develop from the beginning of humankind is more demanded in solving today’s problems. Globalization in one hand is enhancing the participation ways by promoting pluralism in other hand it is supporting governed by the people approach that provides democracy to be sustained. In this study the contributions of mutual global parternships which are built to overcome the issues of the modern period in solving problems and sustaining democracy are discussed. In this extent the perceptions forms in understanding globalism in today’s societies, the adequacy of civil society in solving global issues and its effectiveness in sustaining democracy are discussed from different approaches.

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