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Structural Funds and their Implications in Wealth Rising in Gorj

  • Political Science


In spite of all acute problems inherited particularities of the county and of the resources always insufficient, capacity of local administration has improved steadily.It can be identifz five major factors which have defeated resistance to change the system and they determined the continue modernization of administrative act: political will, political competicion, public and media pressure , the takeover communautaire acquis and accessing foreign funds. However, the factor that has produced the greatest change in menatlity and the waz to address the authorites of the local administration was represented by the opportunity relies external funds non-reimbursable from the 2001. Therefore the PHARE program actually started the process of modernization of administrative capacity in the county by implementing projects which will be presented in the following. The results are presented and analized in a study whose development strategy aimed at coordinating programmes and sectoral policies, in accordance with territorial problems.

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