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A Study on Information Science and Technology Education for Secondary Education : Systematization of Contents in Information Education Based on a Key Concept "Information Coding"

  • 情報科学技術教育
  • 情報のコード化
  • 情報科
  • 技術科
  • 情報教育内容
  • 学校教育
  • Information Science And Technology Education
  • Information Coding
  • Subject Of Information
  • Subject Of Technology
  • Contents For Information Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Ndc:370
  • Education


By the rapid progress of advanced information technologies, information education is going to be developed in schools. In such circumstances, it is very important to take into consideration of cooperation, systematization and consistency of the information education in secondary education. Especially, contents of the information education in the subject of technology of junior high schools must be considered in the relationship with the technology education. Furthermore, contents of the information education in the subject of information of high schools have to be considered in the extension of the information education of the junior high school. This paper discusses the systemization and contents of information science and technology education in the secondary education.

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