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053 Differences between algerian woman and man presenting with acute coronary syndrome across the continuum of epidemiologic transition

Elsevier France
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DOI: 10.1016/s1878-6480(10)70055-0
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Introduction Women until menopause remains protected from coronary artery disease, and its epidemiology is different from that in men. Objective The aim of this work is to assess the prevalence, clinical and biological features of acute coronary syndrome of Algerian women compared to men. Materiel and method This is a retrospective study, descriptive, conducted in our cardiology department near the patients hospitalized in intensive care unit cardiac, from 1/12 2006 to 30/ 04/2008 for ACS. A total of 413 patients is included, with 276 men (66.83%) and 137 women (33.17%) aged 20 to 101 years with an average age of 60.80 years. Results In univariate analysis: the Algerian woman is older, occurring mainly in an array of SCA (ST-), is more often diabetic, hypertensive, overweight (waist circumference and BMI). There is also a disturbance renal function more marked, blood glucose and lipid more troubled. The Algerian man has a far more important smoking and ventricular systolic dysfunction more severe. In multivariate analysis: the only parameters that appear significant in women are: ACS (ST-) (or:0.3.046ci:1.78-5.20 p:0.000), smoking (or:13.182 ci:5.982-29.052 p:0.000)and diabetes google(or:0.543 ci:0.319-0.923 p:0.024). Discussion Algerian women has different clinical and biological characteristics in relation to the algerian man who require levels of care different. variable averages P-value variable averages P-VALUE variable OR CI 95% P-value age 59,75 0,0029 glycemia 1,37 0,0001 diabetes 0,34 0,21-0,53 0,0001 63,63 1,64 weight 73,44 0,0001 hdl 0,46 0,0137 hta 0,54 0,32-0,78 0,0015 67,86 0,54 waist 97,60 0,013 ldl 1,13 0,0001 tobacco 17,34 7,80-40,12 0,0001 101,16 1,17 bmi 25,35 0,0001 tg 1,38 NS ACS st(-) 3,54 2,25-1,37 0,0001 27,61 1,36 clear cre 59,11 0,0035 fe 53,3 0,0001 Coronaropathie family 0,64 0,30-1,37 NS 51,88 57,39

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