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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to George W. Beadle

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STANFORD UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER S1‘ASFORD. C:~LIk’ORSI:i (FIYO.; * October 11, 1976 -. .' STANFORD L;snmwr~ %x001. OF BIEDICISE Depnrlmrnt of Crnrfics (415) 497.SOS? Dr..George Beadle 5533 Dorchester Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 Dear Beets, _ I have your note of October 5th and realize that I have put you to trouble of writing twice on the matter of a biographical sketch on Ed Tatum. Yes, of course this must be done and I fully understand your reluctance to be saddled with the main responsibility for it. Let me try to negotiate a compromise with you: that I will make the primary effort to put womething together. But I will send it to you and ask for your own insertions or corrections, particularly where a draft refers to your collaborative work. Finally, I think it really would be most appropriate if we could sign it together as co-authors. If this is at all acceptable to you, please tell Corner accordingly and let me know what kinds of deadlines they have. I also feel somewhat baffled about a good way to proceed without having much more personal biographical information than I have. However, I will be- contacting Rockefeller University to see how I might be able to utilize their archives. Maclyn McCarty has already told me that whatever papers were there have been archived at Rockefeller University, and I assume that there is some arrangement that I can make to get to them. I think I can perhaps share your perception of Ed as someone who - despite outward appearances - was extremely guarded about his personal feelings and outlook on life and it may be quite difficult to put more in the biographical sketch than is already very well known from the published papers and the few notes, like his Nobel Prize paper. I do hope these arrangements will be, satisfactory to you, about which I am reasonably confident; I have to keep my fingers crossed a bit more about being able to deliver on the commitment that I am suggesting here, but I

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