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Analisis Faktor Faktor Yang Dipertimbangkan Konsumen Dalam Pengambilan Keputusan Pembelian Produk Kosmetik Oriflame(Studi Pada Mahasiswi Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang Kampus III)

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  • Hd28 Management. Industrial Management
  • Education


This study aims to determine the significant effect between variable of Culture, Social Class, Family and Reference Group to consumer decisions in purchasing products and cosmetics Oriflame for know the influence of the dominant variable, against the decision of consumers in Oriflame cosmetics product purchase. The data used are primary data using questionnaire containing questions related to Social Class, Family, Reference Group and the decision to purchase the product. These data analyzed using Fator Analysis and Multiple Linear Regression The result shows there are 3 factors that affect Behaviour Consumer Purchase Decision Against ie Oriflame Cosmetics Products Factor 1 includes influence and experience of the group (X3.2), Influence and experience of friends (X3.3), The influence of parents (X4.1), The influence of siblings (X4.2) and the influence of relatives (X4.3). Factor 2 covers confidence products (X1.3), Compliance with pocket money (X2.1), compliance with lifestyle (X2.2) and Conformity with the level of education (X2. .3). While the factor of 3 include Compliance with cultural values (X1.1), Compliance with the development era (X1.2) and the effect of role models (X3.1). Based on the results of regression lineir Multiple dikethaui a significant difference between Factor 1 (Influence and group experience, influence and experience of friends, parental influence, Effect of siblings and relatives effect), factor 2 (rates confidence in the product, Compliance with pocket money, compliance with style Compliance with life and education level), and Factor 3 (Compliance with cultural values, the conformity with the development of the era and the influence of role models) together (simultaneously) or individually (partial) of bound variable (Decision Using ORIFLAME COSMETICS Products) and Factor 3 which consists of Conformity with cultural values, Compliance with development of the era and the influence of role models have an influence The most dominant. Based on the above conclusions, the suggestions can be given is considering factors Compliance with cultural value, Compliance with the development era and the influence of role models is very influential on decision Using Product COSMETIC ORIFLAME, thus the Distributor should also consider other factors are also considering fektor influence the decision COSMETICS Products Using ORIFLAME.

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