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Karl Barth's reception in Korea : focusing on ecclesiology in relation to Korean Christian thought

McGill University
Publication Date
  • Barth
  • Karl
  • 1886-1968.
  • Barth
  • Karl
  • 1886-1968 -- Influence.
  • Yun
  • Sŏng-Bŏm
  • 1916-
  • Theology -- Korea.
  • Religious Science


The secondary purpose of this thesis is: (1) the description of a unique relationship between Christianity and Confucianism, because Korean Confucianism has played an important role in both the explosive growth of the Christian community and provided a basic foundation for the reception of Barth's theology in Korea; (2) the inquiry whether Barth's ecclesiology, especially his theology of mission (the sending of the Christian community), pays sufficient attention to different cultures and religions; and consequently (3) the justification that the indigenization of Barth's Christocentric theology was, and is, genuinely possible with Korean Confucianism, though Barth's theology is typically confined within the European context.

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