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Pavao Skalić. A Man at the Outposts of Science

Institute of Philosophy; [email protected]
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  • Philosophy


The authoress analyzes two treatises written by Pavao Skalić, »Encomium scientiarium « (published in Encyclopaediae ( ... ) Epistemon, Basileae 1559, and in Miscellaneorum tomus secundus ( ... ), Coloniae 1571) and »De philosophia, an sit homini christiano necessaria« (published in Miscellaneorum de rerum causis et successibus ( ... ), Coloniae 1570). The interpretation aims to point at a specific way of destroying the classical-medieval traditional concept of science (either as the Aristotelian form of theoretical science or as the neo-Platonic system of dependence upon The One) in favor of a knowledge that adds up and accumulates data in a serpentine (serpente) manner (neither rectilinearly nor safely, including successes as well as failures).

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