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Olika nyanser av grön politik - En kvalitativ textanalys av Miljöpartiet och Centerpartiets partiprogram

Lunds universitet/Mänskliga rättighetsstudier
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  • Centerpartiet
  • Miljöpolitik
  • Miljöpartiet
  • Ekologisk Modernisering
  • Djupekologi
  • Law And Political Science
  • Ecology
  • Geography


Deep ecology and ecological modernisation are two theories with different views on environmental problems and different strategies to cope with environmental degradation. This thesis has examined standpoints presented by two of Sweden’s parliamentary parties, Miljöpartiet and Centerpartiet, to see whether their environmental policies best can be described through a deep ecology or ecological modernisation approach. The text in the policies was analysed and quotes were used to clarify the theories that are reflected in the party programs. The hypothesis that Miljöpartiets environmental policy corresponds to the deep ecology theory and Centerpartiets policy is more closely related to the ecological modernisation theory were confirmed by the analysis. The purpose of this thesis was also to demonstrate differences/similarities between the two parties’ environmental policies and if these have changed over time. In order to do so were party programs chosen from different times and Neil Carters theory of green parties politicisation where used to explain the variations. The analysis showed some similarities in the policies and that some of these have changed over time. Carter’s theory was successful in explaining the changes and why there are resemblances between the different parties’ environmental policies, despite their ideological differences.

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