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Amber mutations in ribosome recycling factors ofEscherichia coliandThermus thermophilus: evidence for C-terminal modulator element

FEBS Letters
Wiley Blackwell (John Wiley & Sons)
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DOI: 10.1016/s0014-5793(99)00302-6
  • Ribosome Recycling Factor
  • Thermus Thermophilusribosome Recycling Factor
  • Amber Mutation
  • Intergeneric Complementation
  • Translation Termination
  • Biology


Abstract Ribosome recycling factor, referred to as RRF, is essential for bacterial growth because of its activity of decomposition of the post-termination complex of the ribosome after release of polypeptides. In this study, we isolated a conditionally lethal amber mutation, named frr-3, in the Escherichia coli RRF gene at amino acid position 161, showing that the truncation of the C-terminal 25 amino acids of RRF is lethal to E. coli. An RRF gene cloned from Thermus thermophilus, whose protein is 44% identical and 68% similar to E. coli RRF, failed to complement the frr-3(Am) allele. However, truncation of the C-terminal five amino acids conferred intergeneric complementation activity on T. thermophilus RRF, demonstrating the modulator activity of the C-terminal tail. Rapid purification of T. thermophilus RRF was achieved by T7-RNA polymerase-driven overexpression for crystallography.

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