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The Influence of Students Perception Factor on the Management Inpatient Room toward Students Satisfaction during Nursing Clinical Practical on Local General Hospital of Ulin Banjarmasin in 2006

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Local General Hospital of Ulin Banjarmasin (RSUD Ulin Banjarmasin) constitutes educational hospital type B, as centre service and practical site for student on South Borneo, tries to complete any management requirements as education practical site. In the nursing educational institution, student has an obligatory to follow clinical learning process through conducts nursing clinical practical on inpatient room of RSUD Ulin Banjarmasin to improve their knowledge and know-how. Their successful on the nursing clinical practical is strongly influenced on how inpatient room management perceived by students, as experiences they required. Students perception factor about clinical instructor leadership, chief of room supervision, coordination between practical instructor and practical working environment, they all influence students satisfaction on the nursing clinical practical. This research had purposes to analyse the influence of students perception factor in the management of inpatient room toward students satisfaction on nursing clinical practical. It included on the sort of observational research with quantitative analyze method. This research design constituted a cross sectional study. Were research population was 134 students of 3 (three) nursing education institutions, they Akper Muhammadiyah Banjarmasin, Akper Intan Martapura and Nursing Subject of Poltekkes Banjarmasin. 100 sample of students with proportinate random sampling, based on inclusive criteria were students which had performed nursing clinical practical in the similar inpatient room, that is orthopaedic room. It used bi-variance (cross-tabs) analysis with chi-square test, while multi-variances used logistic regression analysis. Bi-variance analysis shows the relation between students perception about clinical instructor leadership (X2 = 14,180 with p-value 0,0001), chief of room supervision (X2 = 6,622 with p-value 0,010), coordination amongst practical instructors (X2 = 5,675 with p-value 0,017), and practical working environment (X2 10,277 with p-value 0,001) they all students satisfaction on the nursing clinical practical. Sumber Utama :

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