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Electrodeposition of three-dimensional macro-/mesoporous Co3O4 nanosheet arrays as for ultrahigh rate lithium-ion battery

Electrochimica Acta
DOI: 10.1016/j.electacta.2014.08.003
  • Macro-/Mesoporous
  • Co3O4
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Anode
  • Chemistry


Abstract Three dimensional (3-D) macro-/mesoporous Co3O4 nanosheet arrays electrode is produced by annealing β-Co(OH)2 nanosheet arrays electrodeposited on the 3D macroporous copper substrate which is prepared by electroless plating. As for anode of lithium-ion battery, it displays excellent electrochemical performance, such as high reversible capacity of 967 mAh/g in the first cycle at 0.2 A/g, excellent cycleability (The reversible capacity remains 840 mAh/g after 500 cycles at 1 A/g), and excellent high rate capacity (The reversible capacity at 20 A/g remains 38.0% of that of first cycle at 0.1 A/g). The excellent electrochemical performance can be attributed to its unique morphology. The macropores of 3D porous copper substrate, mesopores of Co3O4 nanosheets and open space between Co3O4 nanosheets can provide lithium-ion rapid transport channels, Co3O4 nanosheets directly grown on 3D porous copper substrate can provide electron rapid transport channels.

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