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Improving Stochastic Content Knowledge of Preservice Primary Teachers

European Society for Research in Mathematics Education
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  • 130105 Primary Education (Excl. Maori)
  • 130300 Specialist Studies In Education
  • Stochastic Thinking
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Abstract: Preservice student teachers (primary) at Queensland University of Technology take only one core Foundations Unit in Quantitative Literacy. One week is devoted to basic introductory probability. However, they are able to select an elective mathematics content subject in probability which extends topics in this field. Many of the students enter this subject with little mathematical background and research by the author is being conducted to determine the most effective way of presenting a unit in more advanced probability to such students. This paper describes some of the difficulties encountered and part of the research examining the use of intuitive, frequentist and axiomatic approaches to probability in the solution of unfamiliar problems requiring a decision making process. Implications for the teaching of probability are drawn.

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