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Southern Africa: reflections on current developments, economic assistance and regional perspectives. Speech by Maurice Foley. Easton, Maryland, May 1979

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untitled -----------·-··-------------------- r ' ' ~ Maurice FOLEY May, 1979 SOUTHERN AFRICA : REFLECTIONS ON C~RRENT DEVELOPMENTS, ECONOMIC ASSISTANCE AND REGIONAL PERSPECTIVES. In reflecting with you to-day on European Community relationships and policies towards Southern Africa, I should like to begin by making certain personal observations on the current situation in the re5ion, and in particular on the apparent direction of South African policy. White South Africa and the National Party Government have of course been more than usually embattled, on the domestic and international scene in recent months, and it now appears that an accumulation of connected and unconnected events is leading Pretoria towards international positions which have potentially grave consequence for South Africa itself and for the whole Southern African region. - collsvs Text Box collsvs Note Completed set by collsvs User Text Box Easton MD, May 1979 User Rectangle User Rectangle - 2 - These international developments come at a time when significant domestic changes are about to be initiated in the apartheid system. The recommendations of the widely publicised Riekert and Wiehahn reports, which have been broadly accepted ...... ~ .. -.. ...--.... ..., .... _..._ .... ~ ... --"'""'"" .. ,. ..... __.."""..,,__..___.._,.,..., by the South African government, represent the first comprehensive statement of Pretoria's official response to Soweto, apart from --~--·~···.,.-~_ ........ .........,......_,.,...,~-~- teargas and bullets. They seek to grapple with the most basic --.... -------,., ..... .,~--. in the white economy. If the recommendations of the two commissions are fully implemented, South African blacks should secure evident benefits, notably through the registration and acceptance of black trade unions, and the abandonment of statutory job reserVation by race. But however radical the proposals of Riekert and Wiehahn

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