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Theatrical Reception of the Works by Franko Wedekind in Croatia

Croatian Academy of Science and Split Literary Circles and Arts; [email protected]
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  • Linguistics
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The work studies the theatrical reception of the dramas by Franko Wedekind in Croatia in the first half of the 20th century. As Wedekind’s works were challenging, suppressed or forbidden, they came upon a thorny path to the Croatian stage, so they were only held on the Zagreb Croatian National Theatre stage, that being quite late: Zemski duh was performed in 1913, Proljetno buđenje in 1924, Falckenberg’s remake of Lulu in 1930. Three excellent directors played an important part in the modernisation of Croatian theatrical production, and some of the basic guidelines in their scripts were displayed at staging Wedekind’s dramas. Due to thematic and stylistic reasons altogether, Croatian stagings of Wedekind’s works were closely followed by contradictory reactions and disputes, from questions on the subject of theatrical art, interrelations of scenic realism and modernism, to questions on the repertory politics of the theatre, especially when referring to the quantitative and qualitative ratio of home and foreign writers, and was neither bypassed by scandals or ignorance.

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