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Letter from Soren Lovtrup to Joshua Lederberg

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SL/jso TELEPHONE: WOODLEY 0863 CARNEGIE INSTITUTION OF WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF TERRESTRIAL MAGNETISM 5241 BROAD BRANCH ROAD, N. W. WASHINGTON 15. D.C. November 16, 1951 Dr. Joshua Lederberg Department of Genetics College of Agriculture University of Visconsin I"Iadison, lJisconsin Dear Dr. Lederberg: 'nTe are planning to study the 'lactose" activity in E, coli, by means -- of the calorimetric method described by you, It will therefore be necessary for us to get some ONPG. You would oblige us very much by infcrminq us if and where this substance is commercially available. in case it is not, would you be able to supply a sample to us. We would be well off with 0.5-1.0 g. Sincerely yours, Soren Lovtrup

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