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Problematické životní situace osob s homosexuální orientací

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  • Coming Out
  • Gay
  • Homoerotika
  • Homosexualita
  • Homosexuální Orientace
  • Lesba
  • Problematické životní Situace
  • Coming Out
  • Gay
  • Homoerotism
  • Homosexual Orientation
  • Homosexuality
  • Lesbian
  • Problematic Life Situations
  • Education
  • Law
  • Philosophy


Homosexuality may be encountered in all cultural and historical formations. Different cultures have different views of sexuality, its expression and forms in general. The difference of the homosexual orientation and the way this phenomenon is reflected in the society influences the life of persons with homosexual orientation. Individuals are often confronted with an inner conflict with the heterosexual majority, which may result in his existential stress. Mastering problematic situations in life depends on the personality of an individual with homosexual orientation, the expectations of his/her social environment ambience and the support that his/her surroundings that the individual perceives in this environment. At present, there is increasing interest in homosexuality as a social phenomenon. In the theoretical part, I summed up the Euro-American views of homosexuality and outlined the religious roots of the present-day view of homosexuality. Subsequently, I dealt with living conditions connected with the homosexual orientation. The view of problematic life situations and crises of persons with homosexual orientation was, resulting from the substance of the subject, the most important basis for the practical part of my diploma thesis. The basic objective that I endeavoured to fulfil was to describe the life situations and problems that are connected with homosexuality, seen from the subjective point of view of persons with homosexual orientation. I limited the research area to the actual viewing of one?s own minority sexuality by a homosexual man/lesbian woman, and viewing their social background reacting to their different orientation. The study was intended as qualitative research from the very beginning. To conduct the specific research I chose the attitude by means of the phenomenologic research. The experience that an individual had gone through was recorded by means of an interview and subsequently analysed. This interview created a basis for the description and interpretation of the experience conveyed. Drawing on the facts obtained it is possible to recommend various forms of education activity, the purpose of which is a higher information level in both the homosexually and heterosexually oriented public. Further, I recommend drawing up quality methodology focusing on decreasing the homophobic attitudes in the majority society in the Czech Republic. It is necessary to observe a professional attitude lessons on the topic of homosexuality within sexual education at primary schools, which will be based on a unified methodology. To create a legislative basis concerning adoption and assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic, it will be necessary to adopt measures have to be adopted that will eventually result in an absolute elimination of discrimination of the minority with homosexual orientation.

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