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Passera, L. 2008: Le monde extraordinaire des fourmis



Book review Myrmecological News 12 66 Vienna, September 2009 Book review PASSERA, L. 2008: Le monde extraordinaire des fourmis Librairie Arthème, Fayard, Paris, 235 pp., ISBN: 978-2-213-63429-6, Price: € 30.00 Prof. Dr. Daniel Cherix, Department of Ecology and Evo- lution, University of Lausanne, Biophore, CH-1015 Lau- sanne; Museum of Zoology, Pl. de la Riponne 6, CH-1014 Lausanne, Switzerland. E-mail: [email protected] Myrmecol. News 12: 66 (online 21 December 2008) ISSN 1994-4136 (print), ISSN 1997-3500 (online) Received 12 November 2008; accepted 17 November 2008 There are books you are ready to read but you never get around to it, and then there are books you constantly keep on your desk within reach for rereading. The latest book by Luc Passera belongs to this second category. The author retired from the University of Toulouse some years ago, but did not stop working. Among other works you might have read "Les fourmis, comportement, organisation soci- ale et évolution" published together with his Belgian collea- gue Serge Aron (PASSERA & ARON 2005) or "La véritable histoire des fourmis" (PASSERA 2006). But this time, Pas- sera decided to write a book for a general audience, and for two reasons; first, to inform people with interest in ants, and second, to thank the public who, through their state taxes, allowed Luc Passera to work on ants for so many years. The book is organized in 17 chapters, with some sim- ilarity to Wilson's book on insect societies published in the seventies (WILSON 1971). You will discover chapters on predatory ants, wood ants, army ants, harvester ants, weaver ants, desert ants, slave ants … All this may sound rather classical, but it is not. Passera selects a couple of recent research results about the biology, behaviour, evolution and phylogeny of ants. In each chapter you will find very recent citations of important discoveries. For example, he presents some unpublished results about reproductive strat- egies

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