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Problems of the film industry in the EEC. Information Memo P-31/64, May 1964

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:IUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY OFFICIAL SPOKESMAN of the Commission 23, avenue de la JoYeuse Entr6e Brussels 4 TelePhone 35'oo'4o INToRMSTION ltEi{o PROBTEMS Or THE. FrLM-INPSSTRY lN THE EXC Thefi]-mind.ustriesofmanycountrieshavebeeninastateof crisis for several years, but nlt all EEC countries have been affected to the same extent. Although they are arl consufi€r61 only three of them (Federal Republic of Gerrnany, France and Ttaly) important feature-film production and consectruently a film industry in the proper sense. The main characteristics of the general economic situation in thls field are as follows: Cinema attendances increased up to 1956 (between 1953 and' 1955, from 2 0oo mil_l_ion to 2 2OO million), but have consistently decreasetl uir,"u-tf.." (f 64O miffion in 196r. The drop therefore amounted to approximately z5')6 tn six years, without taking into account the growth of population during this-period' I'{aximurn attendance j-n indirrid'ual countries was reached betvreen 1955 (rtaly) and' 195? (Ftance)' The subsequent drop was especially rapid in Germany (over 1/^3).bvt' slower in the other Member States. Thi; is especially t"Y:_:f ltaly' where cinema attendances have been fairly constant since 19>b. Total feature-film production in the EEC has remained raore or Less stable. During the lasl few years it has been between 3OO and 354 alnually. Thj; is very much i.igtt"" than the production figures in thc united states [""r""a zoo), r,vhereas cinema attendances (l 7co mi]lion as oppose a to ) IOO- *'iffit"l, and above all box-office receipts (6OO rni1lion as opposla to 1 4OO mil-lion dollars), are decidedly lower than in the United States. Thisovera}lstabilityintheIECarea,hovuever,concealsthe very diverse situations in the three major producing countries' whilst production in Italy has continued to increase, a considerable decline set in in France tn 1962, "ng more particularly in Germany since 1g5rt vuhere it has reached near1-y 5O%' A higher st.rndard of l

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