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ABSTRACT :The problems of this research are how soft porn described in the Skin PalaceTheatre, how hard porn described in the Skin Palace Theatre novel, and what isthe position of porn in New York Society. The aims of this research are todescribe soft porn in the Skin Palace Theatre novel, to describe hard porn in theSkin Palace novel, and to describe the position of porn in the New York Societybased on the novel. The writer used the qualitative descriptive method and TheSkin Palace Theatre novel as the source of the data. From the analysis, it can beconcluded that there are two types of porn, soft porn and hard porn. Three typesof soft porn and six types of hard porn founded in the novel. There are fourtypes of soft porn and more than eight types of hard porn, but the writer onlytakes eight types of hard porn and found only six types of hard porn in the skinpalace theatre novel. After that, the writer classified the sentences containingporn into two main categories and their sub-categories. Of the 21 sentencescontaining porn, they are soft porn sentences amount 10 or 50% and hard pornsentences amount 10 or 50%. The sentences that containing position of pornwhich direct to agreement are 3 or 33% and sentences that containing pornposition that direct to disagreement are 6 or 66% The writer hopes this researchcould be used as considerable and useful matter in helping the readers inunderstanding porn, especially in porn position, why porn rejected although inliberal country.

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