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The Schmidt Telescope

California Institute of Technology
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THE TELESCOPE floor i s i l l he gi\ C'II 01 er to \ iirious offices, a library, and laboratog. T h e mezzanine Hoor will conrain inacliinerj roomy for the telescope and elevator, tlie main switchboard, the bt'itter!- room, telescope control cables and racks. T h e obser\ing floor, covered by the round insulated dome with its shutters, will contain, of course, the telescope proper will ; i l l tlie necessary control desks, panels and equipment to operate the instrument. I n addition, there will he an in . lulated n'sitoi-s' yaller! ( t o prevent temperature rise in the room rather than from exclusiveness), dark rooms, coudi obserxing room. small instrument shop, and mirror handling equipment. Stairway and elevator lead to the rotating bal- cony platform above, on t-. hicli will he located switchboards, inachiner) for the shutter, \ r ind screen in shutter opening, and the prime focus elevator which will carry observers up to the cage located a t the top of the telescope tube. A stairway leading from the balcon!. level to the dome attic gives acces.-- to the inair1 crane and the electrical machinery and vrorkiiig light* that serve in conjunction with lower wall units to illuminate the interior and floor 92 feet below. These units :(re heat insulated from the interior room. 1 h e craiit, is 'I b 0 ton main hoist .ind 5 ton a u d i a r ! hoist [ha: r(~t<itCs 'is par t of the dome. Electrical connection tor tin's, .ilong i t i th other dome poviei and light, must be fed through collector-i and slip ring\ that total about tmo ini1f-i long, foi connections must hnall! be made to the i~ itchhoard i oom, control points, o r balanced telescope cables Je.tdirii: to the polar axis of the tdescopc. A Luge reflecting telescope is a complicated instrument ~ l i i c h collects light from celestial objects ant1 concentrates it either :it its focal point, called the prime locus, or, b j A .eiies of additional reflections from auxi l i ;q mirrors, a t

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