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Physical oceanography at CTD station PotterCove_2 at Potter Cove, King George Island, West Antarctic Peninsula in 1998

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.754720
  • Ctd
  • Sea-Bird Sbe 911Plus
  • Ctd/Rosette
  • Imcoast
  • Impact Of Climate Induced Glacier Melt On Marine Coastal Systems
  • Antarctica
  • Jubany_Dallmann
  • Jubany Station
  • Pottercove_2
  • Potter Cove
  • King George Island
  • Antarctic Peninsula
  • Salinity
  • Temperature
  • Water
  • Biology
  • Earth Science
  • Geography


SBE 11plus V2 Manual SBE 11plus V2 Deck Unit For use with SBE 9plus CTD User’s Manual Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc. Manual Version #016, 02/07/13 13431 NE 20th Street PCB Firmware Versions: Bellevue, Washington 98005 USA Digital - 5.2 and later Telephone: +1 425-643-9866 Modem - 2.0c and later Fax: +1 425-643-9954 Receiver - 2.1 and later E-mail: [email protected] Remote Output - 1.0 and later Website: Software Versions: Seasave V7 version 7.22.4 and later SBE Data Processing version 7.22.4 and later Front Panel – switches and LEDs Back Panel – connectors and fuses 2 Limited Liability Statement Extreme care should be exercised when using or servicing this equipment. It should be used or serviced only by personnel with knowledge of and training in the use and maintenance of oceanographic electronic equipment. SEA-BIRD ELECTRONICS, INC. disclaims all product liability risks arising from the use or servicing of this system. SEA-BIRD ELECTRONICS, INC. has no way of controlling the use of this equipment or of choosing the personnel to operate it, and therefore cannot take steps to comply with laws pertaining to product liability, including laws which impose a duty to warn the user of any dangers involved in operating this equipment. Therefore, acceptance of this system by the customer shall be conclusively deemed to include a covenant by the customer to defend, indemnify, and hold SEA-BIRD ELECTRONICS, INC. harmless from all product liability claims arising from the use or servicing of this system. Manual revision 016 Declaration of Conformity SBE 11plus V2 3 Declaration of Conformity Manual revision 016 Table of Contents SBE 11plus V2 4 Table of Contents Limited Liability Statement ................................................................ 2 Declaration of Conformity .....................................

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