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Letter from S. I. Alikhanian to Joshua Lederberg

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BIE3h”,QYHAPO~HMH rEHETW4ECJXHH KOHI’PECC INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF GENETICS OPI?AHH3AQEIOHHbIl KOMHTET ORGANIZING COMMiTTEE . .,.,.._ b,. . , I. ..- >-:. -. _-. ~i~.zs~_ ii- .--. r. :__ . 2 ______ _ ___._ .II.- _... i.---..- _...-. c . -....- -,_i__c ,-__ _l-_l_.__-__-L.i-l-“- _..s ,^__^ . ..c ,-” ._-_” __-_ -__ BCECOH)3HOE OBBJECTBO I'EHETHKOB S. L. VAVILOV SOCIETY FOR GENETICS II CEJIEKIJIIOHEPOB HM.H.H.BABkfJIOBA ABD'SELECTION 117312 Mocma y.x cDepcnlaHa 11 I1 Fersman Street, p. 4 nope32 4 ~Ioscow 117312 USSR TeJre$onaI: 135-71-24, 135-40-61 Telephones: 135-71-24, 135-40-61 l?rof.J.Lederberg Stanford University,School of Medicine 300 Pasteur drive, Palo Alto California 94304, USA Dear Professor Lederberg: As I already informed you, the Organizing Committee of the XIV International Congress on Genetics, which will be convened in c!Ioscow, August 21-30, 1978, entrusted me with organization of a Symposium on Genie (Genetic) Bngineering. The Symposium wil consist of two sessions, each including 7-8 papers. By this letter I officially invite you to be Chairman of -the Symposium. I will be Co-Chairman. I trust that such cooperative conduction of the sessions will prove to be very fruitful. I have also approached the follow- ing persons asking them to present 2apers at the Symposium: Prof. Dr.H.X.Boyer, Drs.R.Davis, K.Kurray, S:K.Coen, D.S.Hogness P.Berg, P.E.Young, N.Sueoka, D.Helinski,R.D.Hotchkiss, W.KLingmull&, V.X. Krylov, V.G,Debabov, V.I.Tanyashin. In case of your consent to be ti-le Chairman of the Symposium xi.11 you infor KiC? at ,your earliest convenience. F &.* Any cofwents on your part in connection with the list of invited persons will be appreciated. Looking forward to meeting ;rou in Moscow, 'c/i-th cordial regards, S.I.Xlikhanian ErofZZdr Will you answer at 'your earliest convenience to the address: Prof.S.I.Alikhanian Symposium on Genie En Organizin~CWmittee 0 ii! i;rxz&ri ?i!s Inter,Congres

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