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Derivatives on the Capital Market in Romania

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The capital market is to supply and demand of medium and long term capital, with the same role as the financial market in general with the feature length greater maturity. Institution typical secondary capital market is the stock market. The secondary market securities can, in principle an auction market or a market negotiation. In Romania there are two regulated markets of securities i.e. BSE and RASDAQ as separate entities. The coverage of financial instruments, according to EU directives in force, is wide, including both tradable capital market instruments and money market instruments. Futures contract is an understanding between two parts to sell or purchase a particular asset at a predetermined price, the performance of the contract at a future date. Options are contracts between a buyer and a seller and giving the latter the right but not the obligation, to sell or buy any particular asset at a future date, as obtained on payment of a premium to the seller. The options may be for sale when the buyer acquires the right to sell the asset, or may be purchasing, when given the right to purchase the asset. In our country options contracts were introduced for the first time SIBEX, which is currently the only market in Romania where he traded options. This gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a futures contract at a predetermined price, the duration of the contract.

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