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The impact of multinational corporations on the European Economic Community. Speech by Alf C. Jonsson, Special Assistant to the Head of Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities, at the British Canadian Trade Association. Toronto, 28 November 1974

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t j ' .. ··•··•· .-' f~ / 'g-.. _ rrif)J2-_ . . .. d' /_ - . -_ -- I u _.. ' ; ~ - - .. ~ -. t . _, -· I \_ ~3g'?- ?h 'l'HE IMPACT OF MULTINA:I'IONAL CORPORATIONS ON THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY Speech by: ALF C. JONSSON Special Assistant to the Head of Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities British Canadian Trade Association, Toronto, Canada, November 28, 1974. collsvs Text Box has extremely abundant.Of coursei it should not astonish axiybody that SRec:lalisls have quite a number of c1E!- finltions for~ this phenomenon - international enter- prises, transnationals, multinationals, etc .... and de~w.ribin9 them as geocemt.ric, ethnocentric, and so on. I am not going to enter into all thes·e ·definitions, I just want to give one rather general notion of what I think is the best and broadest definition of a multi- national. It is a company which controls or manages productive and/or commercial activities in several countries - in other words, a multinational enterprise is one v1hich permanently exercise economic activities in diff~rent countries under some form of coordination. This definition excludes enterprises of the following two cateqories: 1) large-scale expott-import houses 2) local enterprises where only the ownership is foreign. Here you will note that multinationals thus defined comprise all units engaged in international transfers of one kind or another. A multinational not only moves wheQJ it acquires subsidiaries, or fnyestrnont;~, or repatriates bem~f:i:ts, but. it also · moveB a nun1ber of other goods somet1.rnes temporarily, somet::inws permanen, such as ~\ and D and krYovl- how. Fl nally, the multinationals hav~~ a vr=ry considerable part of world trade. It is estimated, for example, that in recent years more than a quarter of the exportatlons made by the multinational enterprises situated i.n Great Br i tai11 were destined· fo:

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