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Studies on building interactive TV service system in broadcasting-communication convergence environment

서울대학교 대학원
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  • 방송통신 융합
  • Broadcasting-Communication Convergence
  • 양방향Tv
  • Interactive Tv
  • 양방향Tv서비스
  • Interactive Tv Service
  • Ipg
  • Epg
  • 데이터방송
  • Data Broadcasting
  • Ip Tv
  • 인터넷방송
  • Web Casting
  • Dmb
  • 시청률
  • Audience Rating
  • 개인화서비스
  • Personalization Service
  • Communication


The advance in technology, increase in contents, and change in human lifestyle has been accelerating the broadcasting-communication convergence, and new technology to realize it is demanded. Many research has been worked for effectively implementing the broadcasting- communication convergence. In this thesis, I survey the related literature on interactive TV and identify issues to be resolved. In particular, I focus on the various systems in which broadcasting and communication are combined and address the issues that are required in presenting effective interactive TV services. Based on this survey, I dealt with the methods how to make effective interactive TV service and personalization service are suggested. I first implement the following research for interactive TV service and propose several new technology and their concepts. - Data model and construction/management technology related on IPG/EPG - Technology on realization of interactive TV service based on data broadcasting - Technology on realization of interactive TV service based on IP TV - Technology on realization of interactive TV service based on web casting - Technology on realization of interactive TV service based on DMB Based these technology, various interactive TV service will be able to be realized in new media that gives broadcasting and communication service simultaneously and the foundation that builds effectively the essential contents for this service can be established. In addition to this, I implement a research on the personalization service and present several results. The personalization service is important, since broadcasting contents has been rapidly increased due to the increase in both media and channels. In this paper, a part of the subjects related to the personalization service are introduced: - Technology related on digital broadcasting audience rating - Technology related on potential audience rating

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