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Biological implications on microdosimetry

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Biological implications on microdosimetry. I. Temporal aspects. KOIMMISSION DER EUROPÄISCHEN GEMEINSCHAFTEN (COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COMMISSION DES COMMUNAUTES EUROPEENNES E U R A T O M Tagungsberichte — Proceedings — Actes FOURTH SYMPOSIUM ON MICRODOSIMETRY Verbania Pallanza (Italy), 24-28 September 1973 iDirectorate-General for Research, Science and Education Biology Division Published by the Commission of the European Communities Directorate General Scientific and Technica l Information and Information Management Disseminat ion of the Product of Research Luxembourg, March 1974 edited by : J. BOOZ H.G. EBERT R. EICKEL A. WAKER I SESSION I Chairman : Mr HARDER OPENING LECTURE : M.M. ELKIND DNA Ε. BEN-HUR i t s damage i n mammalian c e l l s and relevance to l e t h a l i t y . T.E. BURLIN N.A. BAILT J.E. STEIGERWALT The c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s of secondary electron emission and some potential applications to microdosimetry. 35 The role of secondary p a r t i c l e s i n microdosimetry. 59 J.E. TÜRNER R.N. HAMM H.A. WRIGHT Microscopic description of energy deposition i n t i s s u e by pi on beams. 75 SESSION I I Chairman : Mr RECHENMANN J.W. BAUM M.N. VARMA C.L. WINGATE H.G. PARETZKE A.V. KUEHNER Nanometer dosimetry of heavy ion tracks. 93 W.E. H.G. WILSON PARETZKE Electron e j e c t i o n cross sections for hydrocarbon molecules and t h e i r implications for phase e f f e c t s . 1T3 H.G. PARETZKE G. LEUTHOLD G. BURGER W. JACOBI Approaches to physical track structure c a l c u l a t i o n s . 123 H.G. PARETZKE Comparison of track structure calcu- l a t i o n s with experimental r e s u l t s . 141 IV SESSION I I I Chairman : Mr BOOZ J . FAIN Μ· MONNIN Μ. MONTRET Energy density deposited by a heavy ion around i t s path. E. WITTENDORP A. HORRENBERGER R. AIGUABELLA R.V. RECHENMANN Study of alpha track patterns by means of the act

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