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Den nya Försvarsmakten: En studie om en myndighets förändrade kommunikation

Lunds universitet/Institutionen för Strategisk kommunikation
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  • Swedish Armed Forces
  • Strategic Communication
  • Public Sector
  • New Public Management
  • Market Orientation
  • Expressive Communication
  • Relations. Strategisk Kommunikation
  • Försvarsmakten
  • Offentlig Sektor
  • Marknadsorientering
  • Expressiv Kommunikation
  • Relation.
  • Social Sciences
  • Communication
  • Political Science


Title: The Swedish Armed Forces: a study on the changing communication of a public authority. Problem: In recent decades the public sector has been faced with an increasing market orientation and a rapidly changing society. These changes can be assumed to create new demands as well as major changes to the work of strategic communications. Thus, it is interesting to study how an authority, as The Swedish Armed Forces, carries out the communication work in an increasingly market-oriented world. Purpose: The aim of this paper is to study and analyse how the Swedish Armed Forces’ communication has been affected as the agency is faced with new realities and what the key motives are for a change in communication. Method: Document analysis, in the form of qualitative targeted content analysis, and interviews. The documents consist of communications documents and interviews have been conducted with employees of the Swedish Armed Forces’ communications headquarter. Conclusions: We have identified changes in the communication of the Swedish Armed Forces. The organisation faces a new assignment and thus a new purpose that needs to be communicated. At the same time, the development of new technologies has resulted in new channels that create new ways of communicating. We argue that public authorities in general must identify a purpose with their communication as they are faced with changes affecting the communication, this in order to avoid filling their channels with empty content. Public authorities in large must work with their existing conditions – if changes in the work with communication are taken too lightly, we will face government authorities with communications without strategic anchorage.

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