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Conceptual Art: Perceptions And Appearances

Department of Library and Information Science, Ahmadu Bello University
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  • Design
  • Philosophy


Fine Art does not have an agreement on a single definition of good interactivity, rather, it entertains a number of significance disagreements and discorts concerning the type, amount, conceptual models and ethics of interactivity. This can be related to different emphasis on the contextualization of interactive art, which does not exist as one specific genre. What the viewer interacts with here is neither beauty nor information but ideas the work acting as a catalyst for recreation of experiences and generation of ideas. Conceptual art is likely seen as an aspect of modern art in which ideas are paramount and the form that realizes this ideas is secondary. Also, it is art in which the concept(s) or ideas involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic materials concerns. This paper aimed at creating awareness on the perception and appearances of conceptual art.

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