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  • 知識管理
  • 公司圖書館
  • 公司圖書館員
  • 技能
  • 高科技產業
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Knowledge economy is the trend of most developed countries. With the coming of knowledge economy, the Knowledge Management (KM) becomes the key factor to improve the competitiveness of industry, especially for high-tech industry in Taiwan. Due to this, the KM brings a lot of challenges and opportunities to those professional corporate librarians who work in high- tech industry. To meet the challenge of KM, the competency owned by corporate librarian is very important. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the qualifications of KM team members, the participation and role-play of professional corporate librarians within KM team, and the necessary competency of corporate librarians. The result of this study can be the reference framework for the high-tech companies preparing for the organization of KM. In addition, it could also give suggestions for curriculum development for the schools of Library and Information Science. This thesis employed a depth interview approach associated with questionnaire investigation. The people interviewed include all ranks of KM team, including the KM team leader or related role, corporate librarian, management consult companies, and KM software companies. They were requested to fill out the questionnaire forms about the competencies for KM as well. According to these questionnaire forms, the quantity measurement can give an indication of the importance of the competencies for corporate librarian participating in KM team. The findings of this thesis are the followings: (1) The ideal KM team of high-tech companies should be a multi-area combination; (2) The recruitment of corporate librarian in KM team can be beneficial; (3) The key factors influencing the participation of corporate librarian in high-tech KM team are (i) the hierarchical level in the organization, (ii) the sympathy of KM leader in library and information science, (iii) business sense of corporate librarian, (iv) the comprehension of corporate librarian in domain knowledge, (v) the personality and attitude of corporate librarian; (4) Corporate librarian can play the roles not only in knowledge classification, but also in other domains; (5) The most important competency of corporate librarian in high-tech industry KM team are thinking and attitude skills, follows by library and information science skill, communication skill, strategy and business skills, management skill, business law/patent skills, and information technology skill. The Suggestions include: (1) High-tech companies should recruit information content domain experts in KM team. (2) Corporate librarian should build up more critical competencies in order to get into the kernel of KM. (3) High-tech companies are encouraged to integrate corporate library with the other departments to establish a KM center. (4) Schools of library and information science should design new curriculum to satisfy the need of KM in Taiwan high-tech industry.

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