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Digitalization of incoming mail and incoming bills

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  • Computer And Information Science
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The purpose of this thesis is to provide an overview of the processes involved in the digitalization of materials and having consideration of legal regulations, restrictions and recommendations, make the digitalization process of incoming mail and incoming bills as a cloud-based service. Having an efficient document management system has a significantly positive effect on an organization. In order for documents to be managed more easily and efficiently, they must be converted into an electronic format by a process called digitalization. Due to growing interest in cloud-based solutions, this thesis focuses on digitalization as a cloud-based service. We begin with an introduction to the most relevant laws governing the field of digitalization in Slovenia, followed by the descriptions of the two possible solutions for most important examples of digitalization used in practice. To illustrate the use of digitalization of incoming invoices and incoming mail, we used the TIS eFlow solution [17]. For the two examples described, which account for the larger part of the organization’s incoming documents, we propose two different solutions, both of which are cloud-based. The first solution requires the client’s involvement throughout the entire digitalization process. The second solution is implemented by the digitalization services provider alone, without the client’s involvement. In this thesis, we provide a description of the entire process of implementation of digitalization, including all the detailed requirements for each step of implementation.

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