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Властивості ниткоподібних кристалів. Пластична деформація

Publication Date
  • нитевидные кристаллы
  • механические свойства
  • структура
  • пластическая деформация
  • дислокации
  • научные исследования
  • УДК 548.31
  • ниткоподібні кристали
  • механічні властивості
  • структура
  • пластична деформація
  • дислокації
  • наукові дослідження
  • Whiskers
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Structure
  • Plastic Deformation
  • Dislocations
  • Researches


Despite a sufficiently large number of conducted studies, the analysis of literature sources has shown that the development of plastic deformation in whiskers has a number of problem-specific features. A literature review of the research problem has been proposed in the paper and such an important property of whiskers, as plastic deformation, has been studied more thoroughly. Herewith, on the basis of studying the results of previously conducted experiments the influence of this property on the fracture degree of crystals, and also on several other characteristics, has been shown.The research results from the point of view of the future use of whiskers have been analyzed in the paper, the principles of influence of deformation tests on the lattice structure and properties of whiskers have been considered in-depth.

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