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Hydrographic measurements and geodetic surveying

  • VisokošOlski Program Geodezija - Smer Geodezija V InžEnirstvu


The thesis has been made for hydrographic measurements from their beginnings to the present. Such measurements are needed both to interfere in the water space, as well as in monitoring the marine or river bottom. Hydrographic activity used in the construction of water projects, topographic surveying, and some wetland areas to ensure safe operation. Over time have developed different methods of collecting and processing data. Older methods are outdated because of rapid development, as they almost no longer used. Today, measurements are made with ultrasonic sounders. Given the principle of hydrographic measurements based on determining the position of the measurement depth. These are devices for measuring the depth and their characteristics. It is presented as the determination of the position under the water, seabed surveying and measuring the effects of depth. During the hydrographic measurements included all the information obtained to determine the position and depth of the water. The data are used for the manufacture of our charts, environmental protection, research and study of the seabed.

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