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Francis Hare Papers (no.13): C.H. Nicolson to Hare

Publication Date
  • Kelly
  • Ned
  • 1855-1880
  • Bushrangers -- Victoria
  • Law Enforcement -- Victoria


If you come up here and supersede me, and yet do not succeed,, then the / deluge (not for you) for the department. Because the police will be considered played out, and the condemnation of the present organization will follow as a matter of course - what that means in the present state of the country may be easily imagined unquestionably the change will be a radical one, not that you personally need fear it. As for me I am prepared for anything. The absurdity and injustice of discrediting me because I have been up here for ten months will be apparent enough bye and bye in calmer weather. Here is a simple question of Arithmetic. If A & C with a certain number of assistants failed to catch the Kellys in six months - how many months will it take B to catch them with fewer assistants. The answer is more than 10! Why should our ship drift into such dangerous waters? / The police are not played out and the organization is not bad and I am confident of success, why should the knowledge and experience I have gained in the case be thrown away, and you, the last card that will be allowed to be played, be brought into the game prematurely, and the risk, run unnecessarily, to the whole force, of the consequences of your not succeeding. / I see much trouble brewing but trust it may be averted by the speedy capture of the Kellys. Meantime the game is a bad one. / / I shall never be induced to go into such an affair again. / / / / I remain / My dear Hare / Very sincerely Yours / C.H. Nicolson /

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