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Differential sensitivity to 5-bromodeoxyuridine during the S phase of synchronized myogenic cells

Developmental Biology
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DOI: 10.1016/0012-1606(76)90165-2


Abstract Synchronized myogenic cell cultures have been used to demonstrate differential sensitivity to BUdR during segments of the S period. Synchronization of the cells was achieved by two methods. First, cells were initiated in medium containing FUdR, an inhibitor of DNA synthesis. Following FUdR blockade reversal with TdR after 19 hr in vitro, the synchronized cells were allowed to replicate their DNA with BUdR for periods corresponding to early and late S. Determinations of percentage labeled cells during synchronization with FUdR indicate that about 90% of the cycling population of cells accumulates at the G1 S interface of the cell-cycle and that the duration of the S period following blockade reversal with TdR is not altered. Since BUdR is pulsed to these cultures immediately after the point of synchronization, a high degree of synchrony is obtained. In the second method of synchrony, cohorts of cells which had been in G2, late S, or early S during a BUdR pulse were collected in metaphase arrest with Colcemid and selectively removed from the cultures. With the mitotic selection method the point of synchronization occurred several hours after the BUdR pulse. In both methods the cells were allowed to resume myogenesis and scored for percentage fused nuclei after approx 50 hr in vitro. With both methods of synchrony, BUdR incorporation into early replicating DNA results in a striking decline in myoblast fusion, whereas incorporation into late replicating DNA is without effect. The results cannot be attributed to a disproportionate uptake of nucleotide during early S. Further fractionation of the 4-hr S phase into 1-hr periods indicates that the BUdR sensitive target is replicated during the second hr of DNA synthesis.

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