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A pratica de leitura literaria no curso de letras da Universidade Federal do Amapa : algumas reflexões

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This dissertation has the objective of reflecting upon the teaching of literary Literature conducted in the ambit of the Education Course of the Federal University of Amapá, by means of an etnographical based study. The focus of this research was definied from my own teaching experience, where I could verify that, despite the strong influence of the professor's and of the specialist's speech upon the performance of the graduating student of Education, this last one is able to formulate a more personal meaning for this reading. The empiric basis of this reflexion involved the creation of a research scenario through the proposal of intervention, in a Brazilian Literature classroom, aiming to offer moments for reading Clarice Lispector's texts followed by discussion, in order to observe how the construction of meaning happens during the interaction reader/text; reader/reader. The analysis of data was guided by theorical notions that involve text, reading and interaction, provided, mainly, by Literature and Applied Linguistics. One of the results of the analysis showed that the interaction in the classroom, eve"nin a short period of time, allowed the student to voice his opinion freely and, made him go beyond the process of decodification and pure and simple repetition of the manual, yet very present in the reading class. In that way, this work proposes reflexions about the teaching of Brazilian Literatura in other levels of teaching.

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