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J. Ross Clark letter to Bettis p 2

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries


H.I.B. #2.I feel as you do, that we should, as soon as practicable, dispose of all this personal property.Also note what you say in regard to our President's order in regard to purchase of additional land on which small springs were in evidence. I do not think it was on account of the small springs, but he felt that we needed some additional land. I think by all means we should have the 40 acres belonging to Col. Maxson. I do not believe it would be necessary to have an auction sale to dispose of our lots. I understand Mr. Waters, our Right of Way Agent, has probably 100 applications for lots now, when they are put upon the market, and we have had a great many inquiries here.I do not agree with you in regard to allowing Las Vegas to be an open town for liquor. I presume you are aware that there is open gambling in the state of Nevada and the liquor license in Nevada is also very light. There would be a great many saloons started and a great many of the saloons would also run gambling games, which would virtually make the town a gambling hell, and I have not changed my views in regard to putting a liquor clause in every lot that is sold, which I think would be a good thing for the railroad and everybody concerned.Very truly yours,J. Ross Clark

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