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Time-resolved luminescence measurements in poly(p-phenylenevinylene)

DOI: 10.1016/b978-0-444-89909-5.50037-5
  • Physics


Abstract We report time-resolved measurements of photoluminescence in poly(p-phenylene-vinylene) (PPV) and related polymers, using the technique of time-correlated single photon counting. We find the photoluminescence is longer lived in less-conjugated samples, and that this accounts for the higher efficiency of light-emitting devices made from less-conjugated materials. At low temperatures, the luminescence is longer lived, and at 77 K there is an interesting red shift of the emission during the first nanoseconds after photoexcitation. We consider that this arises from migration of excitons to more-conjugated (and therefore lower energy) regions of the sample.

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